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kill him in the second try

I killed them, it was pretty hard and died quite a bit, but by getting strong enough i managed to finish them off =)

First Mercy and Then GENOCIDE!!!

Holy shit this is still getting play in 2020.  As much as what I was fighting for is long in the rear-view mirror, that still means something to me.  Thanks forbeing part of this even if just in the way of checking this out.

hehehehehe in this world, it's kill or be killed

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Anyone else just sit there and attack until he died? (It takes forever)

(Insulting him lowers his defense and your attacks do more.  Using certain items also lowers his defense.  It won't take forever then.)


i won whith 14 hp

The game actually wasn't that bad.

good game


what the when u try to always insult him u make him do a special attack


Nice to see some people are still stumbling onto this game so long after it was commissioned!

Just like Undertale, everything in this fight references someting or has a double meaning.  From the amount of gold (and possibly EXP) you would earn, to damn near every line of dialogue, to the choice of music, to Lucas's moveset...everything planned out to just about the tiniest detail.

I really should post why those were how they were's been long enough.  But I'll tell you one right now - when I was getting pissed off over the whole Brawl roster thing, and then the Smash 4 initial roster, nothing got under my skin  more than people saw Lucario as a suitable substitute for Mewtwo (and a reason Mewtwo shouldn't have been brought back), and Greninja serving the same purpose on Smash 4's roster (before the DLC was announced.)  So some people said that it was an improvement both times - and that's where the final line and thus ultimate attack came from.

attcking lvls up


Very good stuff

This is amazing! Would sure love to see an engine like this released at a later stage... much fun could be had with it.

you can OHKO him if you let him get the letter


I'm so unmerciful.



very good simulation of a unitale battle please make more and if you are reading this comment i would recommend the arin fight by the same person


Completely adorable. A really interesting way to beat him as well


I really like this but damn it's hard


I just realize you gotta compliment mewtwo. But I've yet finish to see what happen if you insult him

nothing. his attacks just get harder ad harder until at a certain point, you cant insult him anymore. its just a way to make the game more difficult, unless it can be combined with different paths to create a different outcome.