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:"v este juego es dificil seria mejor un juego simulador completo de undertale hare \:v/

i think i pissed him  off...



i hate how id your doing the pester side of the run the healing attacks mostly go off the screen you need to fix that its nearly impossible

Pacifist complete!

Beat Genocide!

Arin I have aquestion...WHY IS IT SO HARD SPARING YOU!!!???

Wow... this is really good! I did not expect someone to remake the UT battle system so well in JavaScript / HTML5. Will you be making your engine available?

It was made in Game Maker: Studio, I might make the base available early 2017 but the thing is such a hard coded mess I'm not sure if people would find it useful at all

Ah, good to know. I thought this was coded natively in HTML5 / JS... it would be awesome to see an engine like this there :)

Genocide is harder

I just did all routs of this awesome game.


99999 damage XD

Why do the orange attacks do damage even if im moving? is it a bug or something?

There's bubbles in the orange attacks that you need to avoid.

Why do the orange attacks do damage even if im moving? is it a bug or something?

make another 1

Survived 13 Seconds on NO MERCY

win the peace and genocide yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees

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I survive in NO MERCY atack 10 second, it's posible to survivle this atack?

Sorry if i error, i in Ukraine.

Hey I just found out about the insta-kill after you do the search route, I WIN TEM!

Hey i just found out about the "disgust" that does 300 damage :P

I found the pester ending... is it possible to survive the NO MERCY attack?

I believe so? I wasn't able to do it because I'm not too skilled but I would assume that it's possible

finished genocide!!

finished genocide!!

it took me a lot of time to kill this guy. but i did it in the first try :D

just spared arin number 1

can you mercy

There's a Mercy option, yes

best fan made undertale boss ever!!!!!!


Whew, finally beat him! This is such a good battle, and it feels JUST like Undertale! Amazing!

Is there a way to beat this guy pacifist? I need to know!

It's not the most apparent way but yes there is

Welp, goodbye weekend.

how to mercy

please tell me big fan of your work

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ACT > Search 3 times. You should fint 3 new items in ITEM. Use all 3. You should be able to spare.

did you use a program to make it? plz tell me.. :< Other than that Its REALLY good!! :D

I used Game Maker Studio for this, no premade programming nor hacking done

Through perseverance, i finally defeated Arin (By killing him from the very start, and he only gave me 3 Xp and 362 Gold, the only difference was the gold...

10/10 Worth it all the way

This is extremely well done, there is nothing I could spot that wasn't properly implemented.
I don't know how making scenes like these work, but it is quite surprising how fitting that is.
I am not sure but I think the only thing that isn't perfect is looping music, there's a tiny bit too much space between the loops I think.

The looping doesn't work quite right in HTML5, the .exe version does it better, there's also a few differences of how Windows and HTML5 versions work, but this is the closest I could get for the web.

This was a lot of fun! Thanks you for your hard work!

Awesome! I hope to do something like this after my exams.

Best of luck with that, takes some effort to do something like this on your own

oh lord this was hard but i did it ^-^ really good 10/10

Great Game!

what happends if i attack him?

He Just Does Noting...?

sorry for the late reply again but he attacks back and his health Is crazy

an you please tell me how you created this?

Used Game Maker Studio and a lot of time trying to replicate Undertale the best I could, I didn't have any code from the game at all.

Thanks, but can you give me any code or tips on how to code it? I'm mostly having trouble creating working textboxes and trying to create menus.

Awesome! It looks and feels exactly like Undertale.

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