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Published328 days ago
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Why do the orange attacks do damage even if im moving? is it a bug or something?

Why do the orange attacks do damage even if im moving? is it a bug or something?

make another 1

Survived 13 Seconds on NO MERCY

win the peace and genocide yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees

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I survive in NO MERCY atack 10 second, it's posible to survivle this atack?

Sorry if i error, i in Ukraine.

Hey I just found out about the insta-kill after you do the search route, I WIN TEM!

Hey i just found out about the "disgust" that does 300 damage :P

I found the pester ending... is it possible to survive the NO MERCY attack?

I believe so? I wasn't able to do it because I'm not too skilled but I would assume that it's possible

finished genocide!!

finished genocide!!

it took me a lot of time to kill this guy. but i did it in the first try :D

just spared arin number 1

can you mercy

There's a Mercy option, yes

best fan made undertale boss ever!!!!!!


Whew, finally beat him! This is such a good battle, and it feels JUST like Undertale! Amazing!

Is there a way to beat this guy pacifist? I need to know!

It's not the most apparent way but yes there is

Welp, goodbye weekend.

how to mercy

please tell me big fan of your work

did you use a program to make it? plz tell me.. :< Other than that Its REALLY good!! :D

I used Game Maker Studio for this, no premade programming nor hacking done

Through perseverance, i finally defeated Arin (By killing him from the very start, and he only gave me 3 Xp and 362 Gold, the only difference was the gold...

10/10 Worth it all the way

This is extremely well done, there is nothing I could spot that wasn't properly implemented.
I don't know how making scenes like these work, but it is quite surprising how fitting that is.
I am not sure but I think the only thing that isn't perfect is looping music, there's a tiny bit too much space between the loops I think.

The looping doesn't work quite right in HTML5, the .exe version does it better, there's also a few differences of how Windows and HTML5 versions work, but this is the closest I could get for the web.

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