A shaman from a tribe of cute creatures must keep the peace among them, the shaman started a sacrifice ritual to summon an avatar of hope that will restore it's lost glory. Follow the shaman while he performs the ritual dance and help him bring a summoned champion across the portal. Try to not fail in order to reduce the sacrifices.

Done during Global Game Jam 2016 / Lima Game Jam location by Team Maltin

Programming by Enrique Takahashi (Unycorn) & Knomo Seikei

Graphics by Inuki Gnarly & Alvaro Obregon

Music by Knomo Seikei

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Published 1 year ago
PlatformsWindows, HTML5
TagsGlobal Game Jam


WhereTheCuteThingsAre-WINDOWS.zip (19 MB)
WhereTheCuteThingsAre-SOURCE-GAMEMAKERSTUDIO.zip (19 MB)

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you need more attention you make my day by just playing this thanks!